Guys, the time has come when I had to make a move from freelance world to something more serious (even though the name of the company doesn’t sound like it :)).ย I have left Clevertech for good. I have to recognize that I truly enjoyed working with them, always working on challenging tasks and interesting tasks that made me be constantly up to date with new technologies (not much time to update the blog though!). Also, received great support when bringing up new ideas to the table, such as providing open source tools to improve internal operations and also help the Yii community. Thats how YiiBoilerplate and YiiBooster were born. Yes, it was fun and I really appreciate every single moment spend with them. Nevertheless, the opportunity came to build my very own company and opportunities are not to run away nowadays.

So, I am not longer working for that great company nor I am longer available for a freelance work on a personal basis, from now on, everything should be contracted throughout my very own company: 2amigOS! Consulting Corporation LLC. I know the name is quite long, but we wanted to have 2amigOS! so badly, that it was the only way to get it. Hope you don’t mind ๐Ÿ˜›

I’ve got a great partner, and we have great people working with us. The company was made with one and only purpose: to be happy. And we will do whatever we want and what we like in order to pursue that goal, for us and for our customers of course! Check out our philosophy:

Taking our shared love for internet technology one-step further (and singing the whole way), an idea and work philosophy was born: 2amigOS! We believe in honesty, simplicity in design and intuitiveness in use for building new applications or helping you with yours. We provide code reviews, application development services, data analysis and database architectural design. We are also strong supporters of the open-source community, and with that in mind we contribute to them, as often as possible while building ourselves a heavy arsenal of tools and libraries to get any project launched… This is not about work, and it is not about the money. It’s about creating great things together, yourself included… it’s about having fun realizing our dreams. In the end, we are just a couple of nerds that love building incredible things…ย 

Who knew development could be so much fun? We did!

How that it sounds? Great right? Our specialties areย Code Review, Web Development, Data Analysis & Design, Managed Hosting, and Training. More than enough… for now.

If you are a programmer and wish to be part of this, let me know, send me your github account or CV and you never know, we could be working together and having some fun with one of our customers’ projects.

And if you are a want to become one of our customers and/or believe that we can help you achieve the development of your project/idea? Please, let us know too, we will be very honest with you and tell you straight whether we are your team of people or not.

Cheers and thanks all for visiting my blog! I promise to keep it updated from now on (I have more time now :))


5 thoughts on “2amigOS!

  1. Hello Antonio,

    Congrats for your move!

    Now, I’m a little pissed off :) There are some similarities with the ongoing redesign of my company website. We are also using FontAwesome, and there are some very similar colors! Fortunately, the sliders are different :p and our design is not responsive by choice ๐Ÿ˜€

    That apart, thanks for the great job for the Yii community!

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