Investing in a property in Mexico could provide you with a vacation stay and at the same time have a house for rent with which you can be obtaining a constant income. In this article we present some reasons why this country becomes an excellent option to use your money and which are the most suitable cities for it.

One of the main advantages of investing in real estate in Mexico is that the value of the dollar against the peso is higher, in addition, the cost of living in Mexico is cheaper than that of the United States.

Another point in favor of investing in this country is the easy access. Has airports that connect with almost any part of the world facilitates owners and tourists round trip, a factor that increases the annual occupancy rate to 80 and 90 percent in major tourist sites.

A third point is its cultural wealth and natural beauty. In Mexico, people from all over the world live, around one million Americans who seek to live in some of the border cities such as Tijuana and Mexicali, or in beaches and important tourist centers such as the Riviera Maya.

Best places to buy property in México


For of its proximity to the United States, its tourist attractive and the recent real estate boom with around 500 new real estate developments that offer all the amenities, Tijuana has become one of the best cities in Mexico to buy a property. In Ubicy, the real estate portal of Baja California, you can find the best offer in houses or apartments of this border city.


For being one of the cities in Mexico with the highest growth and economic stability, for its proximity to the United States and for having three of the best universities in Latin America this city is one of the best to invest in real estate.

Ciudad de México

One of the most important financial and commercial centers of the country is Mexico City. In this place you can find some of the most important national companies and some international ones. Its labor and university offer attracts talent from other states and countries. It also has an airport that connects with almost any region of the world.


One of the most developed cities in medical, financial, educational and business issues in southern Mexico is Mérida. For being one of the safest cities in the country and offering a more economical lifestyle compared to other important areas such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the Riviera Maya, it is one of the best areas to invest in land, condominiums or student houses.


One of the most important tourist centers in Mexico is Cancún. Investing in a house in this destination can be a source of income due to the high demand for vacation rentals. In addition to providing 365 days a year of a property located in a natural paradise.


Due to the investment of Mexican and foreign companies, Queretaro is a developing city and one of the most economically stable in the country. In addition to showing a high rate of satisfaction on the part of its inhabitants in terms of infrastructure, education and health.

Which of these cities would you choose to invest?