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My policy of helping people is normally doing it free of charge on my free time through this blog and on the Yii forum but lately I have been really busy due to the amount of requests I receive everyday asking for Yii support.

I dislike the fact of not helping people as I am a true supporter of the Open Source community and I try hard to help but, when that is taking my time to provide for my family, I need to reinvent my self in order to fulfill both aspects of my life.

Can I Hire You?

Yes you can, for Yii coding / consulting services. If you wish me to provide you consulting services and support for Yii framework further than what I normally do on a regular basis , I will be pleased to do it through a support & consultancy contract.

How Much You Charge?

That will depend on the services you require, why don’t you just request a quote

That Means You Won’t Support Free Of Charge Anymore?

No, I will continue my trips to the Yii Forum, giving away my Yii Extensions, and helping as much as I can the Yii community. If you are happy with what I do there and in my blog, this section is obviously not for you, as I will continue doing what I normally do.

Yes I Want to Hire You!

Ok then, drop me a message through the contact section.

Antonio Ramirez

17 thoughts on “Yii Consulting

  1. Hai Antonio i’m using your EGMap Extension, it was a great map extension

    but i have a problem on using KML.
    on the KML example given by EGMap :
    zoom = 10;
    $mapTypeControlOptions = array(
    // yes we can position the controls now
    // where we want
    ‘position’=> EGMapControlPosition::LEFT_BOTTOM,

    $gMap->mapTypeControlOptions= $mapTypeControlOptions;

    // enabling KML Service. Second parameter of this
    // function tells whether is localhost or not. GeoXML3.js
    // is needed to read localhost KML files.


    i try to change the URL by using my dropbox url so it become like this :


    but the map didn’t show up

    any sugestion there ?

  2. In backend/www/assets there are cached folder for css and js

    Where it is coming from. How to remove caching

  3. You need to not forceCopy the registration of the assets. Make sure you have YII_DEBUG = true when developing and use its value when registrering your assets for the forceCopy parameter.

  4. I am using boilerplate zip. I don’t want cached folders in assets.
    Where can I find it in code. What code I need to modify or add

  5. Hello, Antonio! Thanx u for great template – yiinitializr! But I have some questions.
    In basic template, what I should type in common.php and main.php? What difference between both?
    How I can switch environment from dev to prod?

  6. Hey Antonio,

    The Egmap plugin is awesome! A really nice abstraction tool.
    I had one quick question though, when I geocode a location using EGmapGeocodedAddress it returns me the information such as: geocoded_city, geocoded_country…
    However I need information such as the types[] array because I need to see if it is a country or a street that is being returned to me.
    I couldn’t find anyway to do this with your framework so I tweeked it by adding a class variable geocoded_types and adding this line in the geocode and geocodexml methods:

    //class variable declaration
    protected $geocoded_types =null;
    //geocode and geocodexml methods now contain this line

    Is this a good approach or do you have a different way to get the type of location.
    Thanks in advance!

  7. Just if you wish to differentiate the settings among console and the actual app, you can use common.php. For the switch, you need to configure the environments prior calling the php composer.phar install

  8. Hello, Antonio

    Can you help a little bit with yiistrap? I can understand how to work with TbModal or WhModal. I try examples they work fine, but I need to show form or just another view how should I do this?
    my broken code – it shows view under button, and modal is empty:

    'size' => TbHtml::BUTTON_SIZE_LARGE,
    'data-toggle' => 'modal',
    'data-target' => '#myModal', )); ?>
    widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbModal', array(
    'id' => 'myModal',
    'header' => 'Modal Heading',
    'content' => $this->renderPartial('view', array('model'=>$data)),
    )); ?>

    I tried “remote” – the same result(

    Just describe how to do it…

    As I use in yii-bootstrap

    renderPartial('view', array('model'=>$data));?>

    I can’t use in yii-strap

    help, pls

  9. What I normally do is to render a modal:

    < ?php // we just want the scripts Yii::import('bootstrap.widgets.TbModal'); $this->widget('yiiwheels.widgets.modal.WhModal', array(
    'id' => 'my-modal',
    'header' => 'Modal Heading',
    'content' => $this->renderPartial('view', array('model'=>$data)),

    And for the button I add an event handler:

    // simple example...
    var modal = null;
    $('button.class').on('click', function(e){
    if(!modal instanceof jQuery) {
    modal = $('#my-modal');
    modal.modal({}); // add your options here

    Remember, that is a silly method, is just to give you an idea.

  10. Hello Antonio, i have used sidebar egmap, i create application with database mysql,i would use widhetlist view and not sidebar created by javascript–as your tutorial. my code is:
    $markers = array();

    $gMap = new EGMap(); // creo la mappa
    $gMap->setWidth(‘100%’); // grandezza mappa
    // it can also be called $gMap->height = 400;
    $gMap->setHeight(600); // altezza mappa
    $gMap->zoom = 16;

    // set center to inca
    $gMap->setCenter(43.29843, 13.44948); // centro di macerata

    // Create GMapInfoWindow

    //in base alla search aggiorno la mappa con i Marker
    foreach ($dataProvider->data as $points) {
    // Create marker
    $marker = new EGMapMarker($points->latitudine, $points->longitudine, array(‘title’ => $points->nome));

    $info_window = new EGMapInfoWindow(”.$points->nome.”);
    // finestra informazioni
    $markers[] = $marker;


    // tell the map we want to render it
    // to a specific layer



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