Yii Consulting

My policy of helping people is normally doing it free of charge on my free time through this blog and on the Yii forum but lately I have been really busy due to the amount of requests I receive everyday asking for Yii support.

I dislike the fact of not helping people as I am a true supporter of the Open Source community and I try hard to help but, when that is taking my time to provide for my family, I need to reinvent my self in order to fulfill both aspects of my life.

Can I Hire You?

Yes you can, for Yii coding / consulting services. If you wish me to provide you consulting services and support for Yii framework further than what I normally do on a regular basis , I will be pleased to do it through a support & consultancy contract.

How Much You Charge?

That will depend on the services you require, why don’t you just request a quote

That Means You Won’t Support Free Of Charge Anymore?

No, I will continue my trips to the Yii Forum, giving away my Yii Extensions, and helping as much as I can the Yii community. If you are happy with what I do there and in my blog, this section is obviously not for you, as I will continue doing what I normally do.

Yes I Want to Hire You!

Ok then, drop me a message through the contact section.

Antonio Ramirez